The LALA Life: The Real Road to Design

Interior Design: Or what I call Interior Up-Styling

Reinventing spaces, items, ideas.

I will spare the details on how I got here. Because, honestly, I am just happy I got here. Creativity can show itself in many ways, and when you feel like you could do it all, there is always one road that shines brighter, even when you aren't seeing it. That is how Design has been in my life. I bright light, that I ignored.

A formal living area flip in 2021. Mid Century Bohemian with a splash of African treasures.

Hands on design is my jam. Vignettes on a bookshelf or coffee table and furniture and wall hanging placement sing to my soul. Do I knock down walls and replace your electricity? No. Never. I barely feel safe changing a light bulb. Kidding. I do, up-style your home and create a space that you hopefully won't want to leave!

The cherry on top

This is where things get realllly interesting. I like to design on a limited budget. I live to thrift and peruse Facebook Marketplace for the best finds. I like to refinish a chest that needs love or make pillows out of your favorite t-shirts, that are too tiny now.

I like to personalize your space with love and all things you, while leaving a small carbon footprint and not breaking the bank.

Think about it and we will chat

One thing I can do is a virtual consult. Let's grab a glass of wine or tea and talk about you, your space and what YOU want out of your home. I am passionate about making homes a sanctuary.

Think about it and shoot me an email or message and we can start your sanctuary. I am off to clean mine! Enjoy your evening, friends.



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