The LALA Life: 50 Shades of Blue

Dye Outcome: Cabbage and Black Beans are up for the scrutiny of color comparison.

Natural dyeing, hand dyed, dyeing with food.

Blue, its' one of my favorite colors. New Aerosmith song. The history of the color is fascinating, from being the color of the throat chakra, to indigo and woad, fashionably bright, yet relaxing. Saturation can be incredible, and the amazing shades that this wavelength provides is nothing but STUNNING. For something natural, let alone a part of daily eating habits, to make such amazing shades of blue blows my mind.

Pillow made of swatches of synthetic blue dye and black beans.

Black beans and cabbage were my contestants today. Black beans I have done several times and yet still get different saturations due to the fabric components (another blog post). When you add baking soda to black beans- and when I mean black beans, I mean black bean water, beans are no longer involved, they did there part-it turns green! Not a grass green but a robin eggs blue, with just the slightest hint of mint. So great.

Your beans are done

The longer you soak the beans the more saturated the "bean water" is. The longer you "steep" your fabric the more saturated. Some are 12 hour swatches, some are 24 hours. The control of the saturation is key, and is incredible to be a part of. Cabbage on the other hand, for me, was not as saturated. I am missing a key component in dyeing with cabbage and will research more to understand. It turned barely there blue. Just like a really cold day sky blue. Which I thought, it may turn magenta! ha ha ha! Well this is why we test things right? Now that I am able to understand the workings of the dyeing process, I can start to design pillows that are more complex without freaking out and using EVERY LAST PIECE OF FABRIC.

Gotta jet my pet

Tomorrow is Friday, and we are going to Rockies Opening Day!

This weekend is curb appeal on the house...that will be fun! Before and after pics coming your way! Also, I updated the website- what do you think? Better? Right?!



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