The LALA Life: Coming to your kitchen!

Natural Dyes are Making a Comeback:

Dyeing with food scraps; avocado, black beans, turmeric, onions and cabbage

My graduate thesis concentrated on natural pigments, specifically red pigments. This natural color giving process has been on my mind for years. Almost a decade now. I have tinkered with natural red pigments such as red wine, bougenvalia, rose petals but mostly red ochre from all over the world. Recently, my craving for more pigments showed its head, and I am loving it, because it's FOOD!

Pillow made of naturally dyed mud cloth and cotton with turmeric and black beans. wowza.

Shiver me timbers when I found out that avocado skins and pits create a pink dye. AND if you add baking soda to black beans, it turns from blue to green. SAY WHAT! Also, I found out, cabbage has to be boiled not just marinate in a water bath overnight. All of these tests and trials got me feeling like a witchy woman!

I am an alchemist...wish come true.

Having cauldrons of boiling pits, skins, leafs and powered herbs makes me feel as if I am concocting a wonderful potion to transform a boring white cloth. I prance through the kitchen staring at all the foods I am using wishing them to work faster.

WAITING is the worst- not really, but I literally watch a pot boil, just to see the transformation. As soon as you put in your well treated fabric (more on that in another blog post) you can see the change. The color. Oh my, the color.

This natural food palette is Springy and bright, yet soft and sweet. Nature you are quite amazing...and delicious!

Ciao witchy, science loving makers,

Now next time you are eating guacamole, onions or cabbage, ENJOY and save your skins and pits for me! HA! or yourself. Save it for you and we can video chat a dye sesh.



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