The LALA Life

Welcome to the crazy, colorful world of LALA Creative Studio!

Sharing hand dyeing journeys, sewing and pillow making hi-lites, interior styling do and don'ts and all the in between that have to do with creative doing, making, talking.

Enjoy the time and energy, and probably a lot of errors in my writing, of this blog. So much to say all the time!!!

My creative life is random and yet cohesive. I love to cook, garden, grow any sort of plant, I love my dogs, a lot. I also love to host parties-with themes and large charcuterie boards. So there will be a lot of that. Most of the time, it will show my creative journey with a business that I am trying to grow, a home to try and settle to make our own ridiculous amount of passion for color and making literally anything all the time.

Sewing Machine

During COVID I taught myself to sew-that's a lie, Bettina Weller of Washington Middle School taught me to sew, I reminded myself. I had these paintings on canvas that I wanted to make into pillows with upcycled fabric I had been hoarding. Cool, right?! But, I didn't know how to sew. What do you normally do when you can't do something? Call your mom. I sent them to her and viola, she sewed them right up. This was not sustainable, so I caved and took the whole 10 seconds to YouTube how to sew, and literally have been a SEWING MACHINE since!

See you soon silly balloon

Till next time friends. Honestly, I have not thought about how frequent this blog will be-it will be a surprise for us all! Be well. Be fun. Be nice, for the love of god.

Take a minute and peep at the rest of the website. I am currently envisioning a new look- can't wait!



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